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Dreams of the Small Gods tells the story of the awakening of Wild Woman. Naked, unaware and unselfconscious, she explores her surroundings, more animal than human. Her growing consciousness attracts the attention of a creature from the spirit world, a primal deity who sparks her curiosity and compels her to transform. She changes her physicality, drawing power from the merging of animal, human and spirit self. Inspired by the timeless wisdom of faerie tales, mythology and ancient ritual, Dreams of the Small Gods is a blend of aerial circus, masked ritual and performance art.


Notes: Contains nudity

Summerhall, Summerhall Pl, Edinburgh EH9 1PL view map
August 3rd (Preview)

19:50 (50 m) | £8

August 4th

19:50 (50 m) | £10

August 5-14th, 16th-21st, 23rd-28th

19:50 (50 m) | £13 (10)

August 8&9th

19:50 (50 m) | 2 for 1 tickets available


Creative Credits

Performer / Creator – Zinnia Oberski (she/her)
Dramaturg – Ellie Dubois (she/her)
Choreographer – Tina Breiova (she/her)
Costume Designer – Emily Martinelli (she/her)
Puppet Technician – Ant Geraghty (he/him)
Outside Eye – Mele Broomes (she/her)
Sound Designer / Technician – Chris Gorman (he/him)
Lighting Designer – Ian Cookie Brooks (he/him)
LX Support – Katharine Williams (they/them)
Producer – Scissor Kick (Nicola Lawton – she/her & Stephanie Katie Hunter – she/her)

Neil Webb, Director Drama and Dance and British Council, is talking about Dreams of the Small Gods and the reasons why this show was selected to be a part of Made in Scotland showcase.

On Tour


Summerhall Pl, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

  • August 3rd (Preview)
  • August 4th
  • August 5-14th, 16th-21st, 23rd-28th
  • August 8&9th

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