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Rob Heaslip presents Strawboys, a vibrant and energetic pop-up performance, blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary dance and music. Featuring luminous straw dancers whirling to Balkan inspired beats, the work is a unique spin on the cultural tradition of Scotland and Ireland’s Strawboys, identified by their ornate straw costumes while out rambling streets, fields, towns and parks, parading their merriment to the joy of onlookers. Composers Zoe Katsilerou and Eilon Morris infuse lively Balkan vibes to match the colour popping costumes and woven masks of costume designer Alison Brown.

Dance Base Meeting Point @ Consulate General of Ireland, 16 Randolph Cres, Edinburgh EH3 7TT, UK view map
August 17th, 19th-21st

12:30, 14:30 (25m) | Free but ticketed

August 18th

12:30 (25m)– performance at the Dance Base | Free but ticketed

August 18th

14:30 (25m) | Free but ticketed


Creative Credits

Choreographer/Director: Rob Heaslip

Choreography/Performance: Malcolm Sutherland, Amy Robertson, Molly Scott Danter, Jorja Follina

Composers: Zoe Katsilerou and Eilon Morris

Costume Designer and Wardrobe

Supervisor: Alison Brown

Costume Maker: Cleo Rose McCabe

Mask Makers: Hilary Haman, Lise Bech, Anne Aitkenhead

Textile Designer: Lorna Brown at Blessed Unrest

Producer: Helen McIntosh

Production Manager: Fi Fraser

Marketing Manager: Karen Steel

Susanne Naes Nielsen, Director – Davvi – Centre for Performing Arts, is talking about the reasons why Strawboys was chosen for the Made in Scotland showcase.

On Tour

Dance Base Meeting Point @ Consulate General of Ireland

16 Randolph Cres, Edinburgh EH3 7TT, UK

  • August 17th, 19th-21st
  • August 18th
  • August 18th

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