The Soundhouse Organisation

Edinburgh-based promoter The Soundhouse Organisation presents Three Times Five, featuring Moishe’s Bagel, Kinnaris Quintet and John Goldie and the High Plains.

These are three bands that are producing ingenious and highly listenable music, transcending categorisation, and appealing to festivals and promoters of many types.

They represent what Scottish musicians are good at: melding a variety of styles, influences and origins to make exciting, world-leading sounds.

Pianodrome at the Pitt, view map
Aug 16

Moishe's Bagel: 21:00 (60mins) | £15 / £12conc.

Aug 19

John Goldie and the High Plains: 15:00 (60mins) | £15 / £12conc.

Aug 19

Kinnaris Quintet: 21:00 (60mins) | £15 / £12conc.

Aug 20

Three Times Five (all three bands): 19:00 (60mins) | £15 / £12conc.



Pianodrome at the Pitt

  • Aug 16
  • Aug 19
  • Aug 19
  • Aug 20

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