Recommended Age Guideline 14+

Kazumi is hunting a sea monster. Arriving on a remote Hebridean island, he meets Coblaith, a local woman whose family have lived there for generations. But there’s something strange about Cob’s obsessive affection for the lochs and something even stranger about the way the other islanders treat her. Could it be that Coblaith is the mythical creature he has been searching for? Or are humans the real monsters after all?


Notes: Contains distressing themes, nudity, scenes of a sexual nature, scenes of violence, strong language/swearing

Summerhall, Summerhall Pl, Edinburgh EH9 1PL view map
August 3rd Preview

13:10 (1h) | £8

August 4th Preview

13:10 (1h) | £10

Aug 5-14th, 16th-21st, 23rd-28th

13:10 (1h) | £13 (£10)



Please note the following show(s):

August 12th – Relaxed Performance

August 12th – Captioned

Creative Credits

Writer: Joseph Wilde

Director: Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

Designer: Kenneth MacLeod

Lighting Designer: Benny Goodman

Composer: Ailie Robertson

Assistant Director: Catriona MacLeod

Katy Snelling, Freelance Theatre Programmer and Consultant, is talking about why In the Weeds was selected to be a part of Made in Scotland showcase.

On Tour


Summerhall Pl, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

  • August 3rd Preview
  • August 4th Preview
  • Aug 5-14th, 16th-21st, 23rd-28th

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