Recommended Age Guideline 9+

Andy Manley and Red Bridge Arts
by Andy Manley and Rob Evans

Mikey and Addie was originally commissioned by the London 2012 Festival and supported through the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund.

Mikey is a sunny boy. He lives alone with his mum. Mikey’s mum has a secret. It’s not well kept. Everyone knows it. Everyone except Mikey.

Addie is a good girl. She doesn’t tell lies. Her father makes sure of that. Addie tells the truth. It’s what you have to do. Isn’t it?

It’s hard to tell when your life will change. The day you wake up normal, but end up falling far from everything you’ve ever known. Spinning into nothing­ness. Today is that day.

Summerhall, Summerhall Edinbur EH9 1P view map
Aug 3, 4 Previews 11:25


Aug 8, 9 11:25

£9/£7.50 conc. - 2 for 1

Aug 5-28 (not 10, 15, 22) 11:25

£9/£7.50 conc. /£30 Family (2 adults, 2 children)

Aug 24 11:25 BSL interpreted performance




Noel Jordan, Festival Director at Imaginate, talks about Andy Manley and why Mikey and Addie was selected to be a part of MiS 2016:

Mikey and Addie, Andy Manley and Red Bridge Arts from Made in Scotland on Vimeo.



Summerhall Edinbur EH9 1P

  • Aug 3, 4 Previews 11:25
  • Aug 8, 9 11:25
  • Aug 5-28 (not 10, 15, 22) 11:25
  • Aug 24 11:25 BSL interpreted performance

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